Since its inception, All About Dance by Kristen has been distinguished by its commitment and caring for all dancers who pass through its doors no matter what age or level of ability. Kristen Messner founded her school in 1992 and set the school’s mission statement as “Excellence in educating dancers, empowering the individual and elevating well-being”. And now after two decades under her leadership, All About Dance by Kristen¬†studio continues to uphold these high standards while hiring instructors who are not only experienced and well educated in their craft, but who also share in this philosophy that extends beyond simply sharing their expertise. They serve as mentors, role models and advisors. We are proud to say that the staff at All About Dance by Kristen are devoted to the progress, growth, and character of its dancers.

Little dancersOur curriculum is also rooted in this philosophy. Miss Kristen and her staff are constantly searching to develop and refine its curriculum and syllabi to provide not only a solid technical education to all dancers but an environment in which each student can feel success and realize their own fullest potential. This has proven itself in the fact that All About Dance has continued to grow and expand as it serves an ever-enlarging community of dancers. From it’s humble beginnings in a one room studio, to its newest home of 6,000 sq ft with three teaching studios and safe professional floating floors, All About Dance by Kristen has become a ‘home away from home’ for many. But we are most proud in the fact that we have turned out many quality individuals and accomplished alumni who have gone on to distinguished and highly successful careers.

little dancersLike many other successful schools across the country who started with the vision of ‘once a week’ lessons, All About Dance also offers the more dedicated and diligent student opportunities for quicker advancement and elevated training. This presents the young artist, through faculty recommendation and/or audition, the opportunity for intensive study with multiple weekly classes, competitions and performances. The students also benefit from many exciting professional artists and master teachers from around the country that are brought in to instruct and enhance their education and dance experience.

Through the years Miss Kristen has been celebrated for her very professional and highly entertaining “original” end of the year recital performances. It has been seen by ‘sold out’ crowds of nearly 3,000 performance goers in recent years. This brings the students much enjoyment, fulfillment, along with a sense of pride and accomplishment while giving them a taste of the “real professional” world. With the culmination of this yearly event, the participants have truly experienced the joy and transformational magic that is dance!

Miss Kristen and her staff all take pride in the accomplishments of each and every student. They are dedicated to inspiring, motivating and supporting all whom they teach. And whether they go on to a career of their own in the arts or take another route in life, you can be assured that they will be enriched by what they have gained through dance.

What we become is never just by the result of our own effort,
but by those who love us, support & encourage us
and those who come before us!
(unknown author)