Voice lessons

Students 5 years and up

What Do Students Study in Voice Lessons at All About Dance by Kristen?

At All About Dance by Kristen, we teach our students to improve their overall vocal quality concentrating on the areas of posture, clarity of sounds, and increased vocal projection. Students are exposed to various styles of music and basic note reading. Our students improve their general knowledge and music skills by taking part in a Music Recital Performance each year.

Why Should a Person Study Voice?

Voice lessons improve one’s confidence level for participation in school and community performance activities such as “Glee”, Theatrical Auditions, Musical Auditions, and Church Choir performances.

The fee for our voice lessons is $90.00 a session which includes 6 half hour lessons per session.



What Do Students Study in Piano Lessons at AADbK?

Piano lessonsAll About Dance by Kristen’s piano lessons include the study of piano music from the Basic Beginning Level through the Advanced skill levels of piano performance. Special consideration is given to the development of technique and artistry including the development of finger dexterity and agility as well as recognition of patterns to improve the speed of note reading and musical development. All About Dance by Kristen’s students participate in a Music Recital each year to share their talents and improve their performance skills.

Why Study Piano?

Studies show that taking Private Piano Lessons improves an individual’s self image and helps them to develop higher thinking and listening skills. Students that have taken private piano lessons also tend to score higher on standardized tests.

The fee for our piano lessons is $90.00 a session which includes 6 half hour lessons per session.