5-6 years

Exploring more fully!

These classes will build on the same concepts but with a little more challenge, enriching their learning experience. They are separated into a single genre as they focus more on sequencing of movements and become more familiar with the concept of opposition. We offer Tot Bop, Tappin’ Tots, Tumble Tots and On Your Toes Tot classes that meet for 45 minutes per week.

Tot danceTOT BOP

Tot Bop is a Jazz class that engages the student with upbeat music and energizing movement building more flexibility, endurance and expanding on the basic fundamentals of jazz dance technique.


This class offers the younger student many opportunities to succeed and build self-confidence in an encouraging and creative atmosphere. Tap class not only offers a chance for social interaction but sharpens thinking and listening skills, coordination and balance as they learn to stand on one leg while working and making sounds with the other. Song and Dance is always a high point in this classroom setting.


This is an early Ballet class that begins to teach the basics of classical technique in a more lighthearted, creative atmosphere. As they begin to gain poise and grace they will explore the French terminology in conjunction with the Cecchetti Council of America’s Primary Ballet syllabus. Proper ballet decorum will be introduced, also positions of the feet and arms along with proper posture. Students will continue to work on large and small motor skills with balance and coordination, preparing them for the more structured and disciplined ballet classroom.


Tumble Tots is the early basics of our Acro-Gymnastics classes. It is a developmentally appropriate class that offers the student flexibility, strength and agility while fostering a fresh approach to healthy minds and bodies in a supportive, wholesome atmosphere.