All About Dance! by Kristen in Stow, Ohio, offers a Student Assistant program that inspires young adults to become responsible and respectful; giving them the opportunity to succeed in creating well rounded life skills.

All About Dance by Kristen’s Student Assistants are invited to participate in the program based on teacher recommendations, technical ability, and maturity. They must also be responsible, respectful to fellow classmates as well as students they are assisting, and loyal to the studio. Student Assistants go through an orientation program of 10 plus hours of training. They are trained not only to assist in classes but also how to correctly spot students in Acro-Gym, Kindercise and Kinder-tap classes.

All About Dance by Kristen’s assistants are also held to high standards of dance training and many are involved in our intensive learning track. They are trained in our Student Assistant Training Program with emphasis on treating all students fairly and with respect, to be exemplary in their own conduct, and always bring a positive attitude to the classroom. They must display good personal attributes, and carry good grades in school. They are there to help the teacher, help the students, and be an extra pair of eyes. Only in the case of an extreme emergency would an assistant have to take over and teach a class. All classes are taught by our exceptional, professional teachers only.

Students are responsible for weekly cleaning duties and attend monthly meetings to stay informed on all of the workings of the studio. Teachers are keeping an eye out in their classes all year for prospective Student Assistants. Students may also write a letter of interest to be considered for a Student Assistant position.

Becoming a Student Assistant with All About Dance by Kristen is a great opportunity. Students learn time management, how to multi-task, how to handle great responsibility, and gain social skills.