Was your child “BORN TO ENTERTAIN”?

Then AADbK has the performance opportunity for you and your performer! Our “SHOWBIZ KIDZ” performance company will perform a variety of art forms that include jazz, musical theatre and possibly vocals technique for performance routines. Performances will take place throughout the entire dance season at parades, malls, fairs, nursing homes, churches, or any other community events.

At All About Dance we feel performing shouldn’t always be about being center stage or getting the star role. It’s about helping children build their confidence and find their voice. Research is now linking involvement in the performing arts to better child development and higher achievements. We are proud of our ShowBiz Kidz as we see them grow in self confidence, self expression, problem solving and gaining empathy and compassion for their elders; lessons they will need throughout life.

All students ages 5 YEARS AND UP are welcome to participate. The only requirements are that the members of a performance company must have a love for dance and performing as well as a commitment to rehearsals for the company. We are looking forward to dancing with you next year, and hope this will be a wonderful chance for students to grow in many ways.

Performance Company Requirements

  • All participants must be 5 years old and up. The Performance Company will meet once a week for a 45 minute class specifically dedicated toward perfecting their performance dance routines. Company members could possibly learn more than one routine.
  • Performance class price will be consistent with AADbK’s class price list per month.
  • All performance company members will be required to enroll in an additional jazz class, appropriate for their age and ability, at All About Dance! by Kristen simultaneously during the year of participation.
  • All members will participate in a 15-30 minute long production show that will travel to outside venues entertaining all different types of audiences. Most venues will not have a participation fee. (If a fee is asked it will be discussed among the performance team before booking.)
  • A two hour special choreography class will be held during the summer prior to the season to prepare for their performance.
  • All students, parents and instructors must conduct themselves in an appropriate fashion at all studio related events.
  • Only three unexcused absences per season will be accepted.
  • Just like a recital, performance company students will be required to purchase one costume.
  • Performances will be scheduled at two main times during the year: November-December and February-April. This is a commitment for the entire dance season. If a student does not complete the performance year, they will not be eligible to participate in Showbiz Kidz or any Intensive Teams for the following season.

“It’s All About the Passion of Performance

Since it is our goal to instill a passion for performing, we are proud to announce our newest dance opportunity- The ShowBiz Kidz. The only requirements are that members of the company must have a love for dance and performance! Dancers will learn a genuine respect for dance as an art form while sharing their joy and passion with others! We consider participation in our company not simply part of our students’ training as dancers; but as an important part of how we influence them as strong, disciplined and passionate people! No audition is necessary and participation is open to all dancers ages 5-12 years who want to experience the happiness of making others smile by simply doing what they love- Dance. Experience the joy!