All students of dance are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our “Open Workshop/Audition” on May 6th and May 7th. Student’s ages 7-18 years are invited to audition for a position on the Acro, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, & Small Group teams for the 2017-18 season. More specific information about competition rules, required classes, guidelines and fees for entire season will be given at a later date or e-mail any questions to

"Follow your dreams, follow your passion, and your drive will take you there"

2017-2018 Open Auditions Registration Form

Our Competition Philosophy

An important objective of each of our competition team instructors is to create a positive learning environment with high, yet not excessive expectations that challenge team members to continually strive for her personal best. We place emphasis on commitment, hard work, camaraderie among team members, prompt and regular attendance, and positive representation of our studio - thus giving our competition member a “taste” of the professional world and its similar expectations.

In doing so, we hope to provide our teams with the discipline and heart to perform successfully at regional and national competitions. While we hope that our teams are able to walk away from each competition pleased with the outcome of their performances, we do not measure success in the tangible form of trophies, medals or awards. Rather, we look at the intangible results of the competition experience, which we feel are among the highest of awards. Such results are the ultimate goal of our competition program- a sense of accomplishment from a season of hard work and improvement, the formation of long lasting friendships and a “together-we-can” attitude, the ability to gain further performance experience, and the heightened desire to continue to improve as an individual and as a team.


  • The student’s age as of May 1st, 2018, is the age group in which he or she will audition.

  • All students auditioning shall attend a 1-1.5 hour workshop per team on Saturday, May 6, 2017.  (Workshop schedule will be prepared and e-mailed 5 days prior to May 5th.)

  • Auditions will be held on Sunday, May 7th and are judged by professionals other than those teaching workshops. Audition schedule will be distributed on Saturday May 6th. Auditions begin at 10:00am.

  • Please keep in mind our required classes per each team for the yearly/summer classes (keep in mind studio rules as well).

    • Acro Team:  Acro team class, Acro technique class, Jazz technique class (Age: 7 & up)

    • Contemporary Team: Contemporary team class, Contemporary technique class, Jazz class, Ballet class, must hold Cecchetti Level Grade 2 certificate or above.

    • Hip Hop Team: Hip Hop team class, Hip Hop technique class, Jazz class

    • Jazz Team: Jazz team class, Jazz technique class, Ballet class

    • Lyrical Team: Lyrical team class, Lyrical technique class, Currently enrolled in a Cecchetti exam class (Age: 7 & up)

    • Tap Team: Tap team class, Tap technique class

  • All 2017-2018 team members will be required to attend the 2017 AADBK Summer Dance Program in their competition subject(s) as well as the “required classes” for those subjects. See the blue summer registration form for summer registration information in this packet.

  • All team members will attend a mandatory Intensive Team Week which will be held August 21st -
    24th, 2017 to begin choreography, technique training, master teacher classes and team bonding! No alternate workshops will be offered. Please do not audition if your student is not available to attend.

  • Dancers who must miss class during intensive week will still be obligated to cover workshop fees for the entire week. The dancer will be required to make up any missed classes by attending a private lesson with the teacher equivalent to the hours missed during intensive week. The dancer will also be responsible for additional fees associated with private instruction.

  • Parent Intensive Team meeting will be held Tuesday, August 29th at 6:30pm.  Attendance is mandatory; no exceptions.

  • Large groups for the 2017-2018 competition team will consist of the top scores per age level up to 18 students per team. Small groups and/or company teams will be determined by where the gap falls in the score. No more than 8 will be accepted for the company team and/or small group.

  • As this season begins, the current attendance policy for all team members of missing 3 core classes will be strictly enforced. 

  • In addition to dance technique, memorization & style, the students are being judged on their work ethic and focus from all of his/her classes throughout the past season. Cecchetti levels will be taken into consideration. The score sheets will give the prior years’ instructor a chance to correspond on the student’s classroom and personal ethics from the past season. Judge’s comments will be shared at the conclusion of auditions. However, numerical scores will not be shared. The announcement of the team members of the 2017-2018 competition teams will be posted on the website in a timely fashion following the AADbK recital.

  • Students unable to attend audition workshop on Saturday, May 6th and audition on May 7th, must submit a note with a viable reason along with registration form. Audition make-up date is set for June 13th, 2017. No make-up audition registration forms will be accepted after April 29th, 2017.

  • Audition choreography will be available on flash drive and can be picked up at the studio after 3:00 pm on Friday, June 12th.

  • Audition & Workshop fees are listed below. Fees cover both May 6th and May 7th activities..



  • $50.00 per subject
  • Multiple Subject Discount
    • 3-5 subjects: 10% disc
    • 6 subjects: 20% disc

(Must be paid in full for discount)
(Multiple discounts are per student not family)

  • $65.00 per subject
    (no discount)

It is the purpose of our Intensive Team Program, Project 'Drive', to enhance the commitment, energy, and passion for dance that many of our students possess.  In an effort to further their motivation and drive, we offer the more dedicated student the chance to intensify their training and accelerate their learning process with additional training and the competition experience; thus giving these students a "taste" of the professional dance world and its similar expectations.    

While we hope that our Project Drive teams are able to walk away from each regional and national competition pleased with the outcome of their performances, we do not measure success in the tangible form of trophies, medals, or awards. Rather, we look at the intangible results of the competition experience, which we feel are among the highest rewards. Such results are the ultimate goal of our dance competition program - the sense of accomplishment from a season of hard work and improvement, the formation of long-lasting friendships.

Our program relies on mutual respect, an upbeat atmosphere, and a positive learning experience.  We place an emphasis on commitment, hard work, and camaraderie, but most of all on teamwork, a "together we can" attitude, and the heightened desire to continue to improve as an individual and as a team. 

The AADbK Project Drive Teams are also encouraged to give back to our own community by participating in ways to show their appreciation and gratitude toward others who serve us in the community and those who may need a little extra dose of happiness.  Some of our projects are:

  • Cookies for Cops:  In appreciation for our local police officers, firemen, and EMS workers (see pictures)
  • Blankets for Babies:  This winter we will be sharing our warmth and happiness with those children who many need it the most.  Team members will be responsible for purchasing material to make a blanket for children in our local hospitals.  53 blankets is our goal.
    (see pictures)

Another way our Intensive Teams dancers accentuate teamwork is through our Big and Little Dancer Program.  In order to help students ease into “Project Drive” they will be paired up with a 'buddy' or more seasoned member of our team.  This dancer and their parents will serve as a mentor in guiding their 'buddy' through the competition experience, as well as support them in their performance.  Encouragement means a lot to everyone!

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