Boys 5 years to 18 years

Boys Acro / Hip-Hop

We have developed a well-rounded, high energy curriculum that focuses on building strength, flexibility and coordination along with discipline, focus and endurance. These are skills that are demanded of both professional athletes and dancers alike. Class consists of Acro-Gymnastic skills along with various Hip-Hop techniques from B-Boy, Pop Locking, Street Dancing, etc. The benefits are undeniable while building their self-confidence in an all male classroom. Of course, they are welcome to take any class they like, and many of our boys do go on to add more variety to their training.

In response to that, All About Dance by Kristen has also developed an all boys tap class!

All Boys Tap Class

This is another energetic and fun class just for our boys. The Tap student is taught to understand varying rhythms of music and dance, the dynamics of sound, such as shadings and accents with articulation of the foot and ankle. They will progressively work on more complex movements while building faster speed and clarity of sounds. Tap is the heartbeat of all dance!

As you can see, we have a great ‘all boys’ program here at All About Dance and we are proud of the fact that our classes are full and in demand. Many boys have danced with us for 6+ years and continue to love it and they really look forward to being in our big end of year production.