The Art Of Animation

Recital 2017Do you ever dream? Do you ever imagine? One man did and he dreamed big! This year’s recital will put a spotlight on that dreamer and his dream, Walt Disney! It is with great pleasure that we introduce our 2017 recital theme “The Art of Animation”.

Walt’s story is a typical Hollywood tale; with little more than $40, a Suitcase and a Dream, Walt Disney’s future awaited. He experienced many failures, but as you know, it wasn’t long before his innovative imagination began enchanting the whole world. We will take you from the drawing board where it all started with a mouse, to Snow White, his first full length animated color feature, to computer animated ‘buddy’ adventure, Toy Story and our finale Under the Sea. Through his own dreams, his imagination and animated characters, Walt Disney showed us that a dream is a wish your heart makes, and those dreams really can come true. We’re excited to begin our 2017 recital with all of you!


New sessions begin January 19, 20 & 21, 2017



Bring one friend per class Jan. 16th-21st and CELEBRATE DANCE AND FRIENDSHIP!

Any friend that registers for a class will receive free registration ~ a $30.00 value!

JANUARY 16th TO 24th


Our Cecchetti KidsCecchetti Ballet is a method of ballet training established by Cavaliere Enrico Cecchetti. It uses a sequence of grades, carefully measured as to degree of difficulty and physical development.

Cecchetti Ballet provides a system of accredited examinations to test the student’s proficiency in each grade. Students receiving each Cecchetti Certificate can take pride in the fact that they have earned it through hard work, self-discipline and dedication. Each certificate gives the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction and self-fulfillment that will remain with them throughout their lifetime.


Our Cecchetti KidsOur All About Dance Cecchetti Ballet Observation and Parent Information meeting for dancers interested in our 2017-2018 Cecchetti program will be held Friday, February 24, 2017.

  • 4:00-4:45 pm-Observation of our Cecchetti I Exam group
  • 4:45-5:45 pm-Parent only information and Q&A meeting

It will be exciting to observe our Cecchetti I Exam group as they hold their final class before their weekend Cecchetti Exams. Parents whose dancers are interested in the Cecchetti program and observation night are asked to call the office to be registered for the event.


All About Dance will be hosting the 2017 Winter Cecchetti Exams on February 24-26, 2017! Due to this event, the following classes have been cancelled and rescheduled for the listed dates. Other classes on these dates have been combined or will be held closer to recital.

February 24 – Tot Tap-Friday 4:45 pm February 20 – Tot Tap-Monday 5:30 pm
February 24 – Jr. Tap-Friday 5:30 pm February 21 – Jr. Tap 1/2-Tuesday 8:00 pm OR
February 22 – Jr. Tap II-Wednesday 4:00 pm
February 24 – Pre-Cecc. III-Friday 6:15 pm February 21 – Jr. Tap 1/2-Tuesday 8:00 pm OR
February 22 – Jr. Tap II-Wednesday 4:00 pm
February 24 – Beg. Jazz III-Friday 7:30 pm February 20- Beg. Jazz III-Monday 8:00 pm
February 24 – Boys Tap-Friday 8:00 pm February 20 – Beg . Tap III-Monday 6:15 pm OR
February 20- Beg. Tap II-Monday 8:00 pm
February 25 – ShowBiz Kidz TBA
February 25 – Beg. Acro. III-Saturday 11:00 am February 24 – Jr. Acro-Friday 4:30 pm OR
February 25 – Int. Acro I-Saturday 10:00 am
February 25 – Beg. Jazz I-Saturday 12:45 pm February 20 – Beg. Jazz I-Monday 7:15 pm

Student Assessments

Over the past few months, instructors have been observing your child in class. As a follow up to our parent-teacher conferences, any parent may request an individual assessment for your child. Assessments are criterion-based and are specific to your child’s dance subject. If you are interested, please notify the office BEFORE January 31st. The student assessment will be handed out in your child’s class the week of February 6th. Please feel free to EMAIL your child’s instructor THROUGH OUR WEBSITE with any questions or concerns .

AADbK Top 10 Things to try this month!

Top 10 imageRemember to check out the bulletin board across from Studio B each and every month to see what the new TOP TEN THINGS are to try!

We will keep you up to date with all the latest dance trends and AADbK upcoming events!

Tag us when you try one using #aadbktop10

Spotting Clinic!

Calling all parents! We invite you to join us for our final observation week, also known as our “Spotting Clinic.” We ask that each child has one adult present for this week of classes. You will learn how to best help your child practice at home, and who knows, you may learn a few new moves for yourself! Put on your comfy clothes and come join in…Spotting Clinic

Wednesday, January 25th – Tuesday, January 31st

snowflakeSnow Day Policy

Check out our inclement weather policy at when bad weather is upon us! Call the studio for a pre-recorded message on cancellation details. You can also tune to WKYC -TV 3 and WEWS-TV 5 for closing information. Other media to watch are email notifications, or follow us
on Twitter or Facebook. Please keep in mind we do not automatically close because the schools are closed.

Say Cheese!

Lange Photographics will be coming to the studio on Sunday, February 7, to photograph our Competition Teams, Cecchetti, Student Assistants, and Show Biz
Kids and Staff. Keep in mind that even if you do not wish to purchase a photo, we ask that you attend this session for the All About Dance Studio records. Any present or former Cecchetti Student should attend.smiley

Dress code:
Black, camisole leotard, pink tights, and hair in a bun.

SA’s Dress code:

Black camisole leotard, tan tights, and black full length jazz pants, black socks/shoes.

9:00-9:15 – Student Assistants
9:15-9:30- All Cecchetti Students
9:30-9:45- Dump Him
9:45-10:00- Feel The Beat
10:00-10:15- Down The Rabbit Hole
10:15-10:45- Principals Office
10:45- 11:00- The Waitress
11:00-11:30- Country Cuties
11:30-12:00- Hideaway
12:00-12:45- Lunch
12:45- 1:00—Pretty One
1:00-1:15- Strength
1:15-1:45- Bibbidi Boppidi Boo
1:45-2:15- Where Are You?
2:15-2:30- No Diggity
2:30-2:45- Go Down Low
2:45-3:15- Freedom
3:15- 3:45- Hairspray
3:45- 4:00- Rocking Chairs
4:00- 4:30-Notorious
4:30-5:00- Let Us Fix You

Cookies for Cops 2016It’s Not just About Competing…Project Drive

At AADbK, our Intensive Team members are encouraged to give back to our own community by participating in ways to show their appreciation and gratitude toward others who serve us in the community and those who may need a little extra dose of happiness. Their smiles and grace show they enjoy and care about these special outreach programs! We are so proud of you!

Christmas 2016This fall, our Mini and Munchkin teams once again participated in our Cookies For Cops campaign! They decorated boxes and made cookies to deliver to our local Police Officers, Firemen, Paramedics, and EMTs! Another favorite project was making and collecting blankets to give to Project Ed Bear at Akron Children’s Hospital. During the Intensive Team Christmas Party, team members each brought a toy for a boy and girl. Gifts were wrapped and

delivered to the Battered Women’s Shelter the next day!

Keep Stretching!

Students who achieve one or more splits by March 4, 2017 will attend our annual Split Club Party on May 12th. We will be going to see “Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook”, at the Barberton Magical Theater followed by a pizza party!

Happy Stretching!

Wear your ORANGE dance apparel, t-shirts & pins to continue showing your support for Andrianna!~~


Tickets will be sold for reserved seating and can be purchased during our pre-sale at the studio beginning Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Please be aware of other scheduled ticket pre-sale times to be posted at a later date. Price of tickets are $20.00 pre-sale and $22.00 at the door. No credit cards  accepted.  Cash or checks made payable to Kristen Messner only please. Kindercise and Kinderdance students are the only students that return to the audience
instead of the dancer dressing room. Kindercise and Kindertap parents must request a complimentary ticket for their child for both performances at the time of your ticket purchase. If you forget, it will not be possible to exchange tickets or add a seat. All ticket sales are final.