All About Dance! by Kristen maintains a dress code to encourage concentration and a sense of inclusiveness (variations in attire can be distracting and contribute to feelings of inequality). Uniformity in dancewear allows the teachers to assess how well the students are implementing the technique being taught, problems with alignment, and other important aspects of dance training.

  • Students should carry their dancewear, shoes, and other belongings in a dance bag. Please print your child’s name on the bag as well as on all of its contents.
  • Dancewear is to be kept in good repair and laundered on a regular basis.
  • Boys age 10 and older must wear a dance belt.
  • Watches, jewelry, and safety pins should not be worn to class.
  • Dance shoes should never be worn outside.
  • Female students should wear their hair tightly secured and styled away from the face; a neat bun is preferred for all ballet classes.
  • Students are expected to observe good personal hygiene habits. Deodorant is required for students age 10 and older.
Class Male Female
Preschool Classes

Mommy/Me & 6 wk Creative


Kindertap / Tot Tap

Black athletic shorts, white T-shirt, black ballet shoes. (Black tap shoes may be required.) Pink leotard, pink tights

Mommy/Me & Creative– Basic Pink ballet shoe #205G(Please no satin slippers from discount stores)

Kindercise-see above

Kindertap – Tan Tap w/buckle – Bloch #302 Mary Jane

Tot Tap

Tot Bop Jazz

Tot Ballet

Black athletic shorts, white T-shirt, black ballet shoes. (Black tap shoes may be required.) Tot – Black Leotard, Tan tights
Tot Tap –
Tan Tap w/buckle – Bloch #302 Mary JaneTot Bop Jazz- #205G Basic Black BalletTot Ballet – #205G Basic Pink Ballet
Pre-Cecchetti I-III
Cecchetti I-VIPointe Class
Black athletic shorts (or tights for ages 10 and up), white T-shirt, black ballet shoes. Black leotard, pink tights

Pre-Cecchetti – #258 Pink Split Sole Leather Ballet

Cecchetti – #208 Pink Split Sole Ballet

Pointe – Pink, professionally fit

 Jazz – Beginner through Advanced Black athletic shorts, jazz pants or tights, white T-shirt, black jazz shoes. Black leotard; Capezio Jazzy Tan tights;

Caramel Capezio #CG05 Slip-on Boot
OR Tan Bloch #499 Slip-on

Tap – Beginner through JuniorTap – Intermediate through Advanced Black athletic shorts, white T-shirt, black tap shoes. Black leotard; tan tights;
Tan Bloch #388 Split Sole Oxford (Tie)Leo’s Spectator Tap #5029 Black/White
Modern / Contemporary Black athletic shorts or tights, white T-shirt, no shoes. Black leotard, tan tights, Tan dance “Paws”or “Foot Undees”
Hip-hop Instructor’s Preference Instructor’s Preference